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Conservation-Excuses, Excuses, Excuses By: Kevin Williams, Grundy County Conservation Director

September 26, 2019
Reinbeck Courier
OK, OK. I have been hit and miss with news columns the past few weeks. I apologize. I could get out the list of excuses – the dog ate my news column. No, that doesn’t sound believable. It didn’t work when I was in school either. I could use my excuse that the tornado destroyed it – that one worked about 53 years ago when a tornado did destroy every building on our farm (that’s a whole topic in itself for another column and I will do one on that soon, I promise). But it is a little too late to make that excuse believable now. In this day and age, I could say that I was having computer problems and pass the blame off to the IT Department. However, that really isn’t true and if I ever have computer problems it seems that it is more likely than not it was my fault not anyone or anything else’s. How about the good old-fashioned one – I’ve been busy. That one is also true. From the middle of August until now, our department has held the bow shoot, a hunter safety class, and the 40th annual Pioneer Craft Fair. Short-staffing is making me also the secretary for several weeks and the most important one of all – I have a new granddaughter (two girls and four boys make up the grandkids now). Surely I can use that one and get some understanding votes from some of you. Quinn Elise Dirks is filling her parent’s lives with joy and exhaustion at the same time. I can’t leave out that new big brother, Will, either. Here is where I would like to include a picture but that might not be very appropriate. I’ll wait until the first time she is dressed in camo. How’s that? With her parents, I can guarantee that this little girl will be throwing a ball, swinging a golf club, and shooting a bow before we know it. In fact, there is a starter bow hanging in my garage with her name on it. If you didn’t make it to the Pioneer Craft Fair in Morrison, you missed a good day and a good time. A forty-year track record of 38 years of sunshine and two years of rain is hard to beat. The weatherman wasn’t on our side as we headed into Sunday morning with a forecast of a rainy time but it didn’t happen! The juggler juggled, the band played, the fry bread fried (and disappeared as quickly into the afternoon as it always does). The list goes on and on. People came to enjoy all the old favorites and they weren’t disappointed. Kelly Dinsdale was the lucky winner of the framed Charles Frietag print. Thanks to everyone who helped make it a grand time. Mark the second Sunday of September, 2020 on your calendars now! I want to thank all those who made a point to “encourage” me to get back onto the regular schedule of news column. I’m looking forward to some news column inspirations heading into fall. I hope to spend some of that inspiration time from the seat of a treestand.



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